Joe Foster

The love for cars and all things fast started when Joe was a young kid. He grew up traveling to and being at the drag tracks watching his dad race. At that time, Joe was too young to work on cars but was already training his eye to see what was sleek, modern and fast! Through this specific exposure, Joe developed an interest in cosmetics, lines and styling of most every/any car. Fast forward to early HS Joe’s job was at a local body shop- taking out trash, sweeping up the shop and scoopin’ the drains- the nitty gritty behind every functional shop From there we move forward 4.5 years- Joe attended STI in Sioux Falls, SD while furthering his career at a long withstanding Sioux Falls body shop. Proving himself as a significantly worthy candidate Joe was able to do body work on anything that came through the doors and painted 99% of everything that went through that shop. During that venture he was graced the ability to do 'custom paint n stuff' on the side, which continued to progress and eventually he was able to create his own beast: Kustom Joe's. After an aggressive street truck transformation and 25 more jobs on a waiting list, Joe, along with his wife Christine, decided to dive in head first with their own business we now know as Kustom Joe's, Inc. Now, nearly a decade down the road and dozens of high-end builds, kustom paint jobs and repairs later, Kustom Joe's, Inc has created a team to assist and perform the caliber of work that Joe set out for and established in 2007.